How to use MGS dōga

MGS動画 List of adult content from Japan

MGS is a Japanese video streaming site that handles titles not available on the aforementioned Fanza

Professional AV actresses appear in amateur roles, which are referred to as ‘amateur-style’ in Japan.

The following is the flow from new registration to purchasing videos.


↑Tap or click on 新規会員登録

※ログイン=”Log in”


↑メールアドレス=email address パスワード=password

After inputting, tap or click on 入力内容を送信


↑Please enter the verification code (numeric) included in the email sent to the registered email address on the next page.


↑After entering the verification code, tap or click on “認証コードを送信する.”


With this, the free membership registration is complete, next is how to purchase videos


↑”無期限” allows viewing as long as you don’t cancel your account, but “7日間” only allows viewing for one week, so please be aware of this.

配信形式を選んで購入=Select the delivery format and make the purchase.

ダウンロード=Download to your device for viewing.


Once you’ve selected the delivery format, “今すぐ購入” will take you to the checkout page to buy that specific title.

“カートに入れる” is used when you want to purchase multiple titles at once.

Purchase the MGS video


↑ポイントで全額お支払い=At first, there are no points, but half the purchase amount will be granted as points only for the first purchase, which can be used for video purchases from the second time onward.


クレジットカード=If paying by credit card.

After selecting the payment method, tap or click on 入力情報の確認へ.


Afterwards, simply input the necessary information and place the order.


How to watch MGS sample videos


When you tap or click the arrow..

↑It will be played like this


How to watch purchased videos

Open ‘My Page’ from マイページ located in the top right corner of the screen.


After the list of purchased videos is displayed, tap or click on 再生.


※Here is the list of other adult content.